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ECIIA Conference on Governance, Risk and Control

Each year, the ECIIA Conference is arranged in different European countries and the host for 2016 is the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) in Sweden.

The ECIIA is the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing. The mission of the ECIIA is “To be the consolidated voice for the profession of internal auditing in Europe by dealing with the European Union, its Parliament and Commission and any other appropriate institution of influence and to present and develop the internal audit profession and good corporate governance in Europe”. The Conference will take place at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre on October 6-7.


Three questions to… 

Talare_Robert Appleton…Robert M. Appleton, Partner Day Pitney LLP. In 2006, Appleton was appointed as the first ever Chairman of the UN Anti-Corruption Task Force (PTF), where he led corruption investigations throughout the world body between 2006-2009. Further, Appleton has also served as a US Federal prosecutor as well as a chief investigations counsel. In October he is coming to Stockholm and the ECIIA Conference on GRC.

What do you expect from the ECIIA 2016?
I expect the event to be very engaging with high level discussion of some of the most important subjects and greatest challenges we face globally in the modern era.

What will you speak about during your session?
I will speak about some of the hidden corruption risks in international commerce – including terrorist financing and money laundering – as well as speak about how these sorts of schemes penetrate commerce, development and international finance.

The first time you visited Sweden, what was your impression?
I love Sweden! It’s such a beautiful country – especially Stockholm. My former boss at the United Nations – when I was Chairman of the UN Procurement Task Force – was Ms. Inga Britt Ahlenius and she has shared with me so much of the rich cultural heritage and history of Sweden.

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Proper GRC will cure our migraine

Peter Funck 2015 MinstWe can all of us agree, I expect, that Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance are three pillars that support the organization by providing assurance that its objectives are met. Even Wikipedia agrees. Owners, citizens and  governing bodies place high standards on our organizations, demanding on the one hand efficiency and effectiveness be delivered, and on the other hand that there shall be no surprises. Media and public authorities also have expectations to this governance framework and are continuously reviewing the way it operates in practice.

But to be honest today we are suffering as if from a migraine. The attacks in Brussels once more demonstrate the polarization within this world. They serve as a reminder to us that our efforts to develop our own skills and competencies in the GRC area, also play their part in contributing to the global fight against corruption, crime and poverty – even if only to a limited extent. And then just  when we started to believe again that governance in the financial world had found a solid footing and the fog was clearing along come the Panama Papers and give us another headache.

The ECIIA Conference on GRC on October 6-7 will cover all these aspects and provide an outstanding arena for networking and sharing experiences. We are proud of the programme and look forward to sharing it together with you in Stockholm!

Peter Funck,
Chairman of the Steering Committee for the ECIIA Conference 2016

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